How to choose coating gloves according to the requirements of grip force

How to choose coating gloves according to the requirements of grip force
Today I am going to talk to you about the benefits of the coating gloves and how those coating gloves applied in wet oily and dry situations. The gloves show is typically made from a knitted material such as nylon, polyester, or engineered yarns, the shell conforms to the hand for maximum flexibility and comforts the coatings are dipped onto the shell of gloves as a full dip, a three-quarter dip or a palm dip depending on the use for the common coatings include latex, polyurethane, and nitrile.
Each has different properties that make it better for certain applications. Latex coatings provide very good grip in both wet and dry applications, It also offers very good abrasion resistant; It remains flexible and durable in all temperatures;
There are three basic types of latex, flat latex, foam latex and crinkle latex;
Flat latex is a solid surface so it keeps liquids away from your hands;
Foam latex and crinkle latex have the thickest coating to provide the best abrasion resistance.
Our double-dip gloves have a flat latex interior coating and a foam latex exterior coating, this keeps a better grip on the pipe and slick, and wet conditions; The foam latex draws water away from whatever I’m holding, so I can maintain a good grip even in wet conditions, meanwhile, the interior flat latex keeps my hands dry.
Polyurethane or PU is a thin coating that provides excellent dexterity and tactile. It has a very good grip in dry and oily conditions. It’s the most durable of any coating. PU contains no latex proteins which can cause allergic reactions PU is incredibly tough but very flexible and comfortable.
PU gloves have outstanding tactility nitrile is also a thinner coating that improves your tactility and dexterity.
It also resists cuts abrasions and tears. There’s also a good alternative for people with latex or alternative to leather there are two primary types of nitrile coatings flat and foam nitrile gloves are breathable with a coarse surface so it sucks up the oil and the liquid, so you can maintain your grip and tactility.