Description and differentiation of anti-cut grades

Description and differentiation of anti-cut grades
It would help if you were confused about the cut resistant gloves levels when you see the gloves described as "cut 5 gloves", "cut 3 work gloves", "level 5 cut resistant gloves", "level 3 cut resistant gloves", "4X43C gloves", "cut C or Cut D gloves" or "A3 cut resistant gloves", "A4 cut resistant gloves".

Here we will help you solve this mass confusion.
Firstly, you should know there are two different test methods of cut resistant gloves:
EN388 & ISO13997 are the test standard of the European market;
The test level of the EN388:2003 are marked with cut 5 and cut 3 before the year 2016;
The new standard called EN388:2016 adds the IS13997 test methods, which divide the cut-resistant levels from "cut 3" & "cut 5" into cut A-F.
A1-A9 are the cut resistant levels from the United States Osha standards.
Now you know these are different standard levels.
Hope you can find the most suitable cut resistant gloves you need.