The Introduction Of The Protective Performance For 6 Main Type Protective Gloves

The Introduction Of The Protective Performance For 6 Main Type Protective Gloves
It's essential for workers to protect their hands and arms from danger when working, such as automatics, construction, glass handing, garden plate, mining, oily industry, warehousing & transportation, woodworking, concrete, high temperature, welding. Etc. Now a problem happens, how can you choose the best suitable gloves when you manage different works. Here's what we are going to tell in this article.
★Sewing Gloves
Sewing gloves include leather gloves such as leather working gloves, welder gloves; And mechanical gloves such as tactics gloves and sewing mechanics gloves which are handcrafted gloves.
Here we mainly introduce you welder gloves and anti-impact gloves.
☆Most of the Welder Gloves are made by cow leather, pig leather, or two-layer leather with kevlar yarn sew the leather, which is fire resistant. The leather gloves have three different quality levels based on the leather quality we choose. First-class welder gloves require the leather body to be thick and uniform, full, soft, and elastic; The leather surface should have fine, uniform, firm, consistent color depth, no greasy feeling.
The welder gloves mainly in two lengths: 35cm & 45cm.They can help protect against high temperatures, molten metal, and sparks during welding.
☆Anti-impact Gloves is mainly used to prevent vibration, such as construction, transportation, mining, forestry and other industry using hand-held vibration tools to prevent vibration-induced occupational disease-- white finger disease, which caused by vibration. It mainly adds a certain thickness of foam plastic, foam latex, and air interlayer on the palm surface to absorb vibration structurally. The thicker of the pad, the more air contains, the better of the vibration reduction effect. While the palm and finger too thick, it also has a bad effect on the operation, less flexibility. Back TPR & TPU bumper sticker mainly protects your hand backhand against the massive crash.
★Coating Gloves
Coating gloves are the ones with nitrile, latex, PU rubber palm all half-dipped gloves. Different gloves liner can be more durable, puncture-resistant, abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant or have waterproof, acid-proof, oil-proof function; it also has the best grip after dipping different rubber.
Here we mainly introduce the cut resistant gloves, anti-static gloves, oil-proof gloves, and acid-proof gloves.
★Cut Resistant Gloves
Cut resistant gloves are made of high strength fiber combine with normal fibers. Currently, the world’s most used is the United States DuPont production (Kevlar), an aromatic polyamide fiber, one of the aramid fibers.
Nowadays we use Dyneema & Chineema combing with steel fiber or glass fiber to achive high cut resistant function level, such as ISO13997 E/F level or ANSI 6/7/8/9 level.
Cut-resistant gloves made of fiber are softer, cut-resistant, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and fire-resistant than leather products. They are mainly used in metal processing, machinery factories, glass industry, automobile industry, and steel plate industry to prevent sharp objects injured hand.
★Anti-static Gloves
The anti-statics gloves are made of conductive fiber such as copper and carbon fiber. The other is made of long-fiber stretch acrylic woven gloves. Then all the fingers and palm with polyurethane coated. The fiber-ground gloves make the static electricity accumulated on the hands disappear quickly. The gloves with polyurethane or polyethylene coating are mainly challenging to generate dust and static electricity. These products are mainly used for weak current, assembly of precision instruments, product inspection, electronics industry, Printing, an investigation of various research institutes, etc.
★Acid-proof Gloves
It is a protection product to prevent acid and alkali from hurting hands. Its quality should meet the requirements of “acid (alkali) resistant gloves.”They are including 27cm/ 35cm /45cm PVC rubber gloves or nitrile rubber gloves. Gloves are not allowed to have defects such as frost, brittleness, stickiness, and breakage. The non-leaking properties of gloves mean. It is airtight, and no air leakage is allowed under particular pressure. According to the material, this kind of gloves can be divided into rubber acid and alkali resistant gloves, latex acid, and alkali resistant gloves, plastic acid and alkali resistant gloves, and plastic acid and alkali resistant gloves. Etc.
★Oil-proof Gloves
Oil resistant gloves are the ones with nitrile rubber palm & half & full dipped.
The oily gloves mainly have three surface treatments: smooth, sandy finished, foam treatment to handle different oily function. They can protect your hand skin from irritations caused by oil, such as acute dermatitis, acne, folliculitis, dry skin, cleft palate, pigmentation, and nail changes.